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Best Souvenirs from Australia

I can provide you with a list of popular souvenirs from various cities. However, please note that the concept of “best” souvenirs can vary depending on personal preferences.

What Is A Souvenir?

Here are some commonly sought-after souvenirs from different cities:

Famous Souvenirs

1. Paris, France: Eiffel Tower keychains, macarons, perfume, and artwork.
2. Tokyo, Japan: Traditional Japanese tea sets, sushi-themed items, anime merchandise, and kimono robes.
3. New York City, USA: Statue of Liberty memorabilia, Broadway show merchandise, “I Love NY” t-shirts, and hot dog-themed items.

Top 5 Souvenirs For All U.S. States

4. London, UK: Double-decker bus models, tea sets, Sherlock Holmes memorabilia, and British royal family souvenirs.

�The Best Souvenirs From London

5. Rome, Italy: Colosseum replicas, Vatican City souvenirs, Italian leather goods, and pasta-making kits.

The Best Italian Souvenirs.

6. Sydney, Australia: Aboriginal art, boomerangs, kangaroo plush toys, and Australian wine.
7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Carnival masks, Havaianas flip-flops, Brazilian soccer jerseys, and samba music CDs.
8. Istanbul, Turkey: Turkish tea sets, Turkish delight sweets, evil eye talismans, and traditional rugs.
9. Cape Town, South Africa: African tribal masks, handmade jewelry, African drums, and wildlife-themed souvenirs.
10. Dubai, UAE: Gold jewelry, Arabian perfumes, camel-themed items, and traditional Arabic coffee sets.

Remember to check local regulations and customs restrictions when purchasing souvenirs, especially if they involve wildlife products or cultural artifacts.

Best Souvenirs from Australia

Want to know which Australian souvenirs to look out for? Here are the best souvenirs from Australia to bring home for yourself and your loved ones for a taste of your travels.

FAQ ABOUT Australia and souvenirs

 Australia's most popular souvenirs

What is the most popular souvenir in Australia?

Top 8 Aussie Souvenirs to Bring Home from Sydney
  • Kangaroo Leather.
  • Gold-Plated Eucalyptus Leaf.
  • Macadamia Nuts.
  • Cricket Bat.
  • Emu Oil.
  • Boomerang.
  • Koomurri Aboriginal Music CD.
  • Aboriginal Artwork.

What are the top 3 products Australia is famous for?

Exports The top exports of Australia are Coal Briquettes ($109B), Iron Ore ($87.9B), Petroleum Gas ($67.3B), Gold ($17.8B), and Wheat ($10.2B), exporting mostly to China ($123B), Japan ($80.1B), South Korea ($41B), India ($31.5B), and Chinese Taipei ($24.1B).

What is worth to buy from Australia?

8 Best Things to Buy in Australia: Must-Buy Souvenirs and Gifts in Australia!
  • Australian Wine.Wine is perhaps the first thing that comes to the mind when you think of Australia.
  • Opal Gemstones..
  • Vegemite.
  • Kangaroo leather products.
  • Tea tree oil.
  • Tim Tams!
  • Traditional art and handicrafts
  • Coogi sweaters.

Is Australia cheap or expensive?

The average cost of living in Australia is INR 97,500 per month, excluding the rent. This includes a variety of other daily expenses such as food, medical and transportation. The average rent in Australia is INR 1.2- 1.1. 3 Lakh inside the city centre and INR 1.1-1.2 outside the city.

What is typical Australian souvenir?

Opt for opals

With origins told through Aboriginal Dreamtime stories, where opals are said to be created when the colors of the rainbow touched the earth, they are a true Aussie treasure that will always remind you of Australia’s rare sparkling beauty.


What are 3 popular foods in Australia?

  • Vegemite Toast.Whether it’s love at first bite or a taste that takes some getting used to, Vegemite toast is an iconic part of Aussie foods and Australian cuisine.
  • Meat Pies.
  • Tim Tams.
  • Fairy Bread.
  • Barramundi.
  • Chicken Parmigiana.
  • Pavlova.
  • Witchetty Grubs.

What is Australia’s favorite food?

Like we mentioned, foreigners might be most familiar with Vegemite and kangaroos, while Aussies might have something entirely different in mind. In a nationwide survey launched by Continental to find out which dish was considered by most residents as �Australia’s National Dish�,�roast lamb�was number one.

What products can you bring into Australia?

Food and drink
  • Biscuits, bread, cakes, pastries, Christmas cake, and Christmas pudding (excluding cheesecakes)�…
  • Cheese, butter, and other dairy products (excluding infant formula)�…
  • Chocolate and confectionary.�…
  • Coffee (roasted, Kopi Luwak/Civet and green coffee)�…
  • Fish (excluding salmon or trout) for human consumption.

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Top Souvenirs to Bring Home from Sydney

“You haven’t been anywhere if you haven’t been to Australia,” they say, and you’d definitely want something tangible in hand to remind you of the g’days spent Down Under. In Sydney, you will find tonnes of distinctly Oz products that would serve this purpose beautifully…and tastefully, for that matter. Some of them are listed here for ya!
(To visit the venues mentioned in this article, check out these�Self-Guided Walking Tours in Sydney)

souvenirs from australia
Australian souvenirs

If you�re planning on visiting Australia any time soon, you might be trying to figure out what souvenirs to bring home. After all, not all souvenirs are created equal! Whether you�re buying gifts for family and friends or just want something to remind you of your travels, Australia has plenty of things to buy that you can take home and enjoy forever.

What Is A Souvenir? The Best Meaning Of The Souvenir

Here are the top 10 best souvenirs from Australia: your first or your tenth trip to this beautiful country. From fun and funky items to traditional Australian souvenirs, we�ve got you covered! So if you�re looking for something special to remember your trip by, be sure to check out our list!

Top 10 Best Souvenirs from Australia

All the best things to buy in Australia!

1. Items made from Australian Wool

wool from australia
Australian souvenirs

One of the most popular things to buy in Australia are items made from Australian wool. From traditional Aboriginal hand-woven rugs to soft and cosy blankets, there�s something for everyone on your list.

Consider a pair of Ugg boots or an Akubra hat for the outdoorsy type. Both are sure to keep you warm in the colder months and make excellent gifts. Australian wool is also environmentally friendly, as it�s a sustainable, biodegradable, and recyclable resource. So when you purchase items made from Australian wool, you can feel good knowing that you are supporting sustainable practices.

Where to buy in Australia

Australian wool products are found at major department stores and specialty stores selling Aboriginal art and crafts. I highly recommend visiting Wild Wool Australia in the Rocks district of Sydney. This is a great place to find reasonably priced, high-quality Australian wool products.

2. Kangaroo and emu products

kangaroo toys in australia
Australian souvenirs

When people think of Australia, they often think of exotic animals like kangaroos and emus. These animals are so iconic that they often appear on Australian souvenirs. Kangaroo and emu products make great souvenirs because they are unique to Australia and are widely available. Plus, they come in a wide range of prices, so you can find something to fit your budget.

Some popular kangaroo and emu souvenirs include plush toys, keychains, and even chocolates shaped like these beloved animals. So if you�re looking for a uniquely Australian souvenir, be sure to check out the kangaroo and emu products at your local store.

Where to buy in Australia

Kangaroo and emu products can be found at most souvenir shops in Australia.

3. Aboriginal art and crafts

australia aboriginal art
Australian souvenirs

Aboriginal art and crafts make the best souvenirs from Australia. Aboriginal artists put great creativity, culture, and passion into their art, making each piece unique and special. These same qualities also make Aboriginal art and crafts excellent gifts for friends and family members who appreciate fine artwork.

When shopping for Aboriginal art and crafts, look for pieces that reflect the artist�s individual style and culture. Traditional Aboriginal paintings often feature rich colours and intricate patterns, while modern Aboriginal artwork may be more abstract or minimalist in design.

No matter what type of Aboriginal art you choose, it is sure to be a cherished reminder of your time in Australia.

Where to buy in Australia

There are many places to buy Aboriginal art in Australia. Some of the best places to start your search include major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Darwin. You can also find Aboriginal art galleries in most tourist areas.

Some popular places to purchase Aboriginal art include:

  • Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi in Melbourne
  • Mbantua Gallery in Alice Springs
  • Japingka Gallery in Perth

4. Australian Opals

opals in australia
Australia souvenirs

Australian opals are a popular souvenir from Australia for two reasons.

First, they are quite beautiful and come in a wide range of colours.

Second, they are relatively affordable, making them a great gift option for those on a budget.

Australian opals make an excellent addition to any jewellery collection and can be worn as dressy or casual pieces. If you�re looking for something truly unique, consider getting your loved one a piece of Aboriginal-inspired jewellery featuring Australian opals. These pieces are not only stunning but also support indigenous artists and businesses.

Where to buy in Australia

There are many places to buy Australian opals, but the best place to find high-quality opals is at specialty stores in major cities like Sydney and Melbourne. You can also find Australian opals at some department stores and online retailers.

The best souvenirs from Australia

I love this video from Tinagirl Travels about which Australian souvenirs she picked up while she was away. It�s a great idea to make a video to remind you of what you got. You can get an attention grabbing free youtube thumbnail template right here to encourage others to watch, too.

5. Tim Tams from Australia

australia tim tams

A trip to Australia isn�t complete without picking up a few Tim Tams. In fact, I could really eat some of these right now.

These delicious chocolate biscuits are one of the country�s most iconic snacks and make for the perfect souvenir. Tim Tams come in a variety of flavours, but the classic original is still the best. The chocolate biscuit is covered in a thick layer of chocolate icing, making it richer and more indulgent than your average cookie.

Tim Tams are also incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

Whether you�re enjoying them with a cup of tea or using them as an ingredient in a milkshake, they�re sure to hit the spot. So if you�re looking for a delicious and unique souvenir from Australia, pick up a few packets of Tim Tams.

Where to buy from Australia�

You can find Tim Tams at most supermarkets and convenience stores in Australia. You can also purchase them online from the official website or from Australian food retailers like Coles and Woolworths.

6. Ugg Boots

australia wool ugg boots

Ugg boots are one of the most popular souvenirs from Australia, and for a good reason. These cozy boots are perfect for keeping your feet warm in the winter, and they come in a variety of styles to suit any taste.

Whether you�re looking for classic sheepskin Uggs or something a little more fashionable, you can find the perfect pair of Uggs to take home with you. And if you really want to make your uggs unique, consider having them custom-made. Many companies in Australia offer this service, so you can design a pair of uggs that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Where to buy in Australia

You can find Ugg boots at most department stores and shoe retailers in Australia. You can also purchase them online from Australian retailers like Uggs, Myer, and David Jones.

7. Pandora jewellery

australia pandora jewelry
souvenirs from Australia

Pandora jewellery is a popular souvenir from Australia for visitors. The charms and bracelets are perfect for commemorating your time Down Under, and there are many different ways to customise your Pandora jewellery to make it truly unique.

There are dozens of different charms to choose from, including Australian-themed charms like the Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef. You can also have your Pandora jewellery engraved with a special message, making it an extra-special souvenir for your loved ones.

Where to buy Pandora jewellery

You can find Pandora jewellery at most department stores and jewellers in Australia. You can also purchase it from the official website or Australian retailers like Myer and David Jones.

8. Camphor Cutting Board

camphor cutting board from australia

This unique Australian souvenir is perfect for the home chef in your life. Camphor cutting boards are made from durable and beautiful hardwood, and they�re perfect for prepping meals or serving cheese and charcuterie.

Camphor cutting boards also have a deeply spiritual meaning in Aboriginal culture. The tree is believed to be sacred, and the boards are often used in ceremonies and rituals. When you purchase a camphor cutting board, you�re not just buying a souvenir � you�re buying a piece of history. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can find the perfect board to fit your needs.

Where to buy this Australian souvenir

You can find Camphor cutting boards at most kitchenware stores in Australia. You can also purchase them online from Australian retailers like Coles and Woolworths.

9. Ultimate Australia souvenir: a Boomerang

australia boomerang
souvenirs from Australia

A boomerang is a must-have souvenir for any visitor to Australia. While they may seem like a simple toys, boomerangs can be quite intricate and are believed to date back over 4,000 years. Traditionally, boomerangs were used for hunting and warfare, but today they�re more likely to be found at sporting events or in the hands of hobbyists.

Many different types of boomerangs are available, from simple wooden models to elaborate designs decorated with Aboriginal art. Boomerangs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect one to suit your needs. Then you just need to learn how to throw it!

Where to buy this souvenir in Australia

You can find boomerangs at most souvenir shops and sporting goods stores in Australia. You can also purchase them online from Australian retailers like Boomerangs By Mail and The Boomerang Shop.

10. Dinosaur Designs Resin Bangles

australia dinosaur designs resin bangles

These colourful bangles are a must-have Australia souvenir for any fashionista. Made from resin, they�re lightweight and perfect for stacking. And with hundreds of different colours and designs to choose from, you can find the perfect bangle to match your style. Dinosaur Designs was founded in 1985 by two artists who met while studying at the Sydney College of the Arts. Today, the company is one of Australia�s most successful fashion brands, and their bangles have been featured in magazines like Vogue and Harper�s Bazaar.

Where to buy this Australia souvenir

You can find Dinosaur Designs bangles at most department stores and jewellery stores in Australia. Buy from the official website, and also Australian retailers like Myer and David Jones.

FAQ about the best Australia souvenirs

What are the best souvenirs from Melbourne?

Melbourne has a lot to offer tourists. When it comes time to souvenir shopping, there are plenty of unique options to choose from. For example, many visitors like to purchase Aboriginal artwork from Melbourne, which can be found in a number of galleries and markets around the city. Others opt for more traditional souvenirs, such as keychains and coffee mugs, which can be easily found in gift shops throughout Melbourne.

What are the best souvenirs from Sydney?

Like Melbourne, Sydney has a lot to offer tourists in terms of souvenir shopping. Some of the most popular items include Aboriginal art, boomerangs, and didgeridoos. Aboriginal art is a popular choice for souvenirs as it is unique and beautiful. Boomerangs are also popular, as they are both decorative and functional. Didgeridoos are another great option, as they are both decorative and make for great conversation starters.

view of sydney in australia

What are the best souvenirs from Perth?

Perth is a great city for souvenir shopping, as there are a number of unique and interesting items to choose from. For example, many visitors like to purchase Aboriginal artwork, which can be found in a number of galleries and markets around the city. Others opt for more traditional souvenirs, such as keychains and coffee mugs, which can be easily found in gift shops throughout Perth.

Can I buy Aboriginal art online?

Yes, you can buy Aboriginal art online from a number of different retailers. For example, Australian retailer Dymocks offers a wide selection of Aboriginal artwork and other souvenirs from Australia. You can also find Aboriginal art at many galleries and markets around the country.

aboriginal art in australia

Best souvenirs from Australia

Hope this has given you a little insight into the unique and memorable gifts from Australia you can buy. From opals and boomerang to Tim Tams and Aboriginal Art, there�s some great items to choose from. Have you found any other great Australian souvenirs?

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